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Use a shoebox and other common materials to create a safe way to view the Sun.

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Participants Enjoyed the Activity 

Quick, easy, fun

People of all ages made these at the library booth during our town celebration.
Instructions and a labeled photo diagram were clear, simple to follow, and much appreciated. We instruction copies available in English and would have liked to have had them in Spanish as well.

Viewer holes were precut for safety reasons as we used box cutters. Aluminium foil pieces were also cut due to the boxes sharp edges. People then tore or cut with kid scissors the correct size of aluminium needed.

We found it easier to set up the activity in stations, select the box, cut and add aluminium foil, thumbtack, and cut white paper. We explained each stage as people went through.

After completing, we explained how to use the viewer, safe viewing tips, information and facts about the Solar Eclipse from the instructions and other resources. We handed out glasses, safe viewing tips, and NASA handout in Spanish and English.

Everyone loved the activity and we would definitely do this again. In fact, we are currently using it as passive program/activity to use up the extra supplies.

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Pinhole Viewer: Shoebox Version

Pinhole Viewer: Shoebox Version

Use a shoebox and other common materials to create a safe way to view the Sun.